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Proud as Underage Wife

I have been on Tiktok since the coronavirus begin. To killing my useless time, I found Tiktok to become quite interesting. Not much in my friends thinking about how Tiktok open our reality. I spend a lot my time just to scrolling my Tiktok page. I found a lot of my countryside (beyond this thing real or not), about women in Indonesia. I found more women with underage marriage, mistress, cheating couples, and pregnant in school ages. We know TikTok had local content, which means local content from Indonesian TikTokers mostly from the Indonesia region. 

It becomes interesting for Indonesian because songs as background on TikTok content showed a better feeling.
Some rural women made TikTok content about their underage married. They started being a wife in teenagers ages 15-18 years old. Some look happy and proud of being a mom at a very young age.
I just curious why they choosing married in illegal marriage by scrolling their page and found out some to leave their poor family, religious…
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Hope and Joy

Everybody has their own broken heart experience. Some have toxic relationships. Others have unrequited love. Whatever that experience, it always makes a lesson.  4 years ago, I have the worst broken heart I ever have (the least I hope). Never in my life how grateful how Allah give me that experience. That time, I lost someone who I thought I love the most. He left me because of other women. And I thought I'm not good enough for someone. I will never meet the right one. I never feel in love or good enough for someone. He said, I'm not good enough for him and he can't stay with me longer. He told everybody especially his family if I'm not a virgin anymore. That reason makes me get rid of from his family. This experience its so bad and makes me can't sleep for a month and losing weight.   I never knew, how toxic my relationship with him and I should grateful to Allah because he left me. He did not allow me to be successful and have my own career. He is not allowing m…

Jakarta Second Big Flood in 2020

Just a short time ago, Jakarta had heavy rain again. Just one night, Jakarta back to the flood. Different from the new year flood, this flood quite dissimilar because of flood spread larger. The public responded calmly this flood. Maybe they are tired of complaining to the deaf government. 
Usually, I lived in a free flood place, but I should pass the flood on my way to the office. Monday and commitment to work made me had a great effort to go to the office. Walked and the limited bus made me reach office at lunchtime. I anticipate my only motor had crash if I forced to pass the flood. 
in my way, I have a lot of questions. 
Mangga Besar Street in 11.00 am 
Along Mangga Besar and Sawah Besar street, why the color of the flood have a clearer than I expect? This question crossed my mind because it is my first experience as a flood victim. I always imagine the color of the flood will be brown, sticky and have a bad smell.
So why? as a not expert person in this field, I tried to read and study …

thursday brain

Just realize, how hard life at jakarta....Looking outside commuter train window. I loooking for how hard our life.  Too much question How much they salary? Do they invest? What they thinking?
How much books they have been read? Do they know global warming?
Random thought

am i good enough for something i really want to?

This article wrote at my commuter between Bogor - Jakarta. I was looking for my interest, my passion, and my expertise. Maybe one day, my kids will be find this blog and realize how they mum cant find her interest until her 26 years old. I was search in google about How to know your interest and expertise. And i still confuse.  One good article showed me, if interest and expertise not something you can find it. But something you can create it. If you lucky enough, you can find several fields. If you luckier, maybe you can fit everything you want to with your workplace. I was graduate from development studies. Its something you learn how to build communities, city, regionals or maybe a city. Many component at city and region things.  Since 10 years old, i was find myself enjoy environment or wild life things. I really enjoy myself knowing problem in some region and trying to understand how to solve it. But i still thinking, am i good enough to be green city planner?

Charles Dickens in my Childhood

After decided continue my studies, again.. yeah. I commitment to write more in my blog. Well, maybe one day I want to write a poem, my broke poem, maybe my opinion or maybe my useless opinion about everything. Maybe one day you got a green article or maybe my feminist opinion. Everything I want to talk about. I still confused, what I really want but maybe it’s not too dark like before. Today, I got a little bit of free time on my own. Then I decided to use it for one journal. I open my ugm library access *yeah thanks to UGM to still allow their alumni to read journal for free* And I found this,
Free trial journal until February 2020. Jstor's article about art and literary studies. And I found this
"Charles Dickens: Great Expectations and the Evolution of Women"As a  daughter from a lecture and growing up with so many books, Charles dickens has a spot in my childhood. I remember how I started with 'A Christmas Carol' and read it many times. 

 This journal talks abou…

New Year eve in Water

After all night long rain in new year's eve, Jakarta had a big flood. Not only DKI Jakarta but also JABODETABEK. Mostly and the worst is Bekasi, West Java.
well, this not too serious talk about where and when the flood but this is about my dumb opinion about why flood can happen in Jabodetabek.
so, why?

from not much literature I read on LinkedIn, Google, the guardian and also Jakarta post.
I ended up with some reason why...
Less space for infiltration.
well, BMKG told it because of heavy rain. But, it never is a problem if more space for water entering the land, right?
   But infiltration can be influenced by many factors such as type of soil, land cover, land use and rain period. Clay as a one of type of soil has sticky and fewer mineral items contained in it. Clay soil makes easily pound than another type of soil.      Land cover and land use as an important part of infiltration have different perceptions. Land cover is something covering and land use is how People …